Know About The Top Universities In Canada

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If you are planning to enroll into a college and are confused due to the sheer number of colleges available in Canada, this article will surely help you out. This article discusses the top ranked universities in Canada as per the USA college rankings. Read ahead to have a clear picture on the top universities.

McGill University

This university was founded in 1821 and this makes it one of the oldest institutions in Canada. Today the school has two campuses, eleven schools, and student strength of more than 35,000. This school is currently offering three hundred major and minor programs. McGill is also awarding more than a thousand professional healthcare degrees via its affiliation with four teaching hospitals.

This school was ranked the best Canadian university in the year 2009 by U.S. News & World Report. There have been about 131 Rhodes Scholarships that were awarded to the McGill students, the most of any schools in the state of Canada. The website of the school claims that there are about 200,000 living alumni.

University of British Columbia

This university has two major campuses, out of which the first one was established in the city of Vancouver in 1908. Since then, it has developed to the third ranked Canadian university as per the U.S. News & World Report in its ranking of the international universities. This campus is just half an hour from downtown to Vancouver. This is joined with the 763-hectare Pacific Spirit Regional Park, which is a well known nature reserve that is filled with forest trails. The second campus was opened in the year 2005 in Kelowna in the wine producing Okanagan valley. Both these campuses combined have student strength of about 50,000.

University of Toronto

Best Canadian University

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This university is located in Toronto, Ontario. As per the U.S. News & World Report rating of the Canadian universities, this school is the second in the country of USA. This university was established in the year 1827 and since then it has grown to strength of more than 55,000 undergraduate and 13,000 graduate students. The three green campuses that are located in downtown Toronto, Scarborough and Mississauga, are very much sustainable and is very much environment friendly.

These are some of the top universities in Canada as per the USA college rankings. If you wish to know more on the USA college rankings, you can consult some educational consultancy that is located near your home.

Guide Lines For A Penny Stock Trader

Penny Stock Trader

                                Penny Stock Trading

It’s not required for a penny stock trader to know all the basics of stock trading as such, and so many prefer this kind of trading in the first place. But that’s not to say you can just start trading without even a semblance of knowledge in the field.

What is a penny stock? As a matter of fact some of the definitions of a penny stock disagree with each other, so this can be a bit confusing for beginners. Simply put, any share of value under $1 or $5 is called a penny stock.

A company with a share value of under $1 per stock may have net tangible assets worth $4 million to $5 million. These inconsistencies are indicative of the controversy that the market often holds. So the inference is that, for the shares of a company to come under penny stock, it should not have any tangible assets. Companies that have equipments and inventory with low share value are not considered penny stocks. Moreover, penny stocks are not traded in the stock exchange, but, in the over-the-counter market.

Since a penny stock trader has to depend on a broker-dealer for the trading, there may not be as much transparency as there is with other traded stocks. The broker-dealer is definitely going to make money on the trade and therefore if you want to trade in then make sure why they sell it. The price will also have some mark–up, which is untraceable. So all this has to be kept in mind and given a margin for. By the time the transaction is complete, the share price can come down also.

It’s better to deal with an agency transaction for realistic prices and transparency. For an agency transaction you need to pay only commission for the deal, and mark-up is not an issue. Price manipulation is expected, and cannot be avoided. Beware of unethical practices in the trade.

Stock Traders

                               Penny Stock Investing

Despite the dismal controversies, penny stock attracts many for the simple reason that some stock traders have fetched a fortune from trading in them. Newly formed companies with a solid business plan and resources, can turn into profitable investments for dealers in the long term. Anyone dealing in these companies should have enough capital with him to overcome any such loss.

The wise thing to do is to learn the tricks of trading first, read the charts, analyze the companies and identify the potential scam companies. Invest after you have been convinced, and hiring getting a broker who pressurizes you.

From what we have seen it is always better to stay in trading with a cautious attitude, to avoid money loss.

What Makes Online Penny Stock Trading A Favorite To Traders?

Penny Stock Trader

                              Penny Stock Trades

When online trading is done on stocks of low market value, the trade is called penny stock trading. The par value, book value and nominal value all mean the same, but none of these is the market value. The market value is the traded value of a stock, and when it comes down to a negligible amount, say a few dollars, it is called a penny stock. Stock Exchanges put its value sub $5. These are publicly traded shares but because of low value these are not traded in major stock exchanges. They are more prone to manipulation and scams.

Contrary to what the name suggests, you rarely find penny stocks worth exactly a penny. Generally, these stocks are of new companies, or those that have recently become public. Trades in penny stocks became popular because of their low value, and so only small amounts are required to trade in them. And if you are to lose money, it is only a penny or a few dollars, while the potential price rise is endless. This makes penny stocks a favorite of traders.

The market capitalization of the penny stocks is very low under $25 or $ 50 as some financial experts put it. The penny stocks can be traded “off market”. The trade then is less regulated, and is known as “pink sheet” trade. This makes penny stocks all the more risky. You should be aware of the risk involved in trading like this. As regards the penny stocks, there is lots of pumping and dumping, and so a stock that is traded as a favorite can vanish all of a sudden. When that happens, quick money is not made; instead it’s lost.

Some penny stock traders have made a fortune and like to nibble in these stocks by taking high risks for the sake of making quick money. They make a portfolio with these stocks, to set off losses against gains and at least even the two out, in the hope of making some big gains on any of the stocks in hand.

Set Off Losses

                 Penny Stock Market Capitalization

In the trading of shares every investor is guided by his conviction, more than anything else. This is the reasoning on which stock markets survive. Penny stock traders are no exception.

That was some information on how penny stocks, work, and why you see many experienced traders favoring them.

Acquire Lowest Rate For Home Improvement Loan

Home Improvement Loan Rates

     About Home Improvement Loan Rates

Home improvements are often the dream of many people. There are lots of people who carry the dream of renovating their home. This essentially requires loans, as there are people who may find finance to be a constraint. Such people could definitely think about home improvement loans that are offered by banks and other financial institutions.

Even though numerous banks offer these loans, you need to be smart enough to find the home improvement loan rates at a lower rate. You need to go through different tips that could help you to find out home loan rates that are low enough.

Know about the current rates

You can collect more information about home improvement loan rates. It would be better to know about the current rates that are normally collected by different financial institutions. The rates offered by different banks would be different and each lender would be offering a different rate.

You need to compare the rates offered by different lenders and you can also check the rates offered by companies that lend online. If you are lucky, you could qualify to attain a lower rate.  You could achieve the best rate and this depends primarily on your effort to explore the different loan rates.

Equity of the house

Other Financial Institutions

        Lowest Home Improvement Loan Rates

The property you own or your equity of the house plays a great role in offering low home improvement loan rates. If you have greater equity, then you can avoid the hassle of paying high rate of interest. If the home is your own, then you can possibly acquire home improvement loan rates that are the lowest.

If you do not have a home of your own, then it would be better for you to build up your equity at the earliest. Utilize your equity to the maximum and try to attain maximum amount possible as loan.

Other factors that could encourage low loan rates

If your credit history is strong enough, you could attain the loans at the lowest interest rates. The amount that you have requested for, if high, could affect your loan rate. If you are planning to pay back the loan amount across a longer period, you could get the loan for a lower rate. Your salary and age are also factors that could encourage lower loan rates.

You can verify all the above factors and decide the loan rates that are lowest among the group.

What Is Stock Market Trading?

How To Become A Stock Trader

           Become A Stock Trader

The stock market is the place where the stocks or shares of companies are traded on every trading day. Usually all stock markets world over trade only for five days in a week, and not more than that. The shares of public companies are listed in the stock market and only they can they be traded by the public.

How to become a stock trader? Trading in shares means buying and selling shares from and to different companies and holders. Actively traded shares are the shares for which there is lot of buying and selling taking place currently.

Stock Trading

As a result of trading in shares the share value goes up or down, according to the prospects and performance of the company. Shares of good performance companies are always in demand, while those that show poor performance have a low share value. The stock market is where companies sell their shares to raise public money. How to become a stock trader? Stock trading has found many people availing good returns, but this is usually only possible if you know some of the basics of the business.

Trading vs. investing

There are two classes of stock traders: Investors and Traders. Investors invest generally for a long period of time, say weeks, months or years. Stock Traders hold stocks for a day or few days only, depending on the trend, and for the quick bucks. Traders are quick-footed, they nibble on the shares and make some good money.

Trading strategies

Trading strategies involve watching market timing, day trading, and hedging of positions daily, all done judiciously to make a profit out of short term trends of the market.


Short term stock market trading is difficult because of the changing trends which are invariably unpredictable.

Stock Traders

              Day Trading Stocks

A hedge fund is a large fund managed by a professional. They take hedge positions with strategies to profit from short term market trends.


As a caution it is always better to make money from the stock market by long term investing. Success comes more heavily only to the long term investors. Statistics has shown that you make more money as an investor rather than as a trader, whether part-time or full-time. Many traders have been wiped out of market completely, because of trading in bad choice of shares.

An Overview Of International Bank Transfers

bank wire transfer

                                        Wire transfer

Wire transfers are one of the most common ways in which a person can transfer his/her money to other people located geographically anywhere in the world. It is the default transaction method for transferring funds internationally. One of the problems with wire transfer is that it is highly expensive for transferring funds. However, it is the safest method of transfer known to man until date. However, with the introduction of bank wire transfer at the start of this century, transferring of funds among international countries became easier and cheaper.

Now bank wire transfer makes use of the International Bank Transfers or International Money transfers for verifying the transfer of money from one bank account to the other globally. There is no restraint for time and space as it can be done swiftly and safely. Many have now turned to international wire transfers as an alternative for the wire transfer method due to its reliability and cost effectiveness. While the wire transfers used to take about five to six days depending on the foreign currency laws in different countries, international banking can take place in a matter of few hours.

One of the best features of international bank wire transfers is that they take only a couple of hours for sending money across a nation. International bank transfers are one of the best features of the new generation banks. The transactions through international transfers are more secure and transparent that those through wire transfers. Even though different countries follow different rules for foreign investments in their country, transferring money through international bank transfers has become more reliable and speedy with super fast internet connections and new technologies.

banking transfers

                          Pros of bank wire transfer

Since the method is standardized, there is no need to feel worried or tensed when you are transferring funds through international bank transfer rather than using bank wire transfer. One of the best things with the transfer of funds through banks is that it is secure and swift. As soon as the bank at the receiving end receives the funds, it will be transferred to the account of the benefactor. So you will be able to access your money within few hours time at the most.

Some of the new generation banks make the transfer procedure faster if the sending and receiving banks are of the same company. Hope you got some idea about the banking transfers that are available in the market now.

Information On Bachelors Of Science Degrees

Bachelors Of Science

          Earn Bachelors Of Science Degree

By the time students become sophomore, they would have decided whether to pursue a Bachelors of Science or Bachelors of Art degree. As the name suggests, the Bachelor of Science encompasses many science subjects while Bachelor of Arts deals with humanities and arts subjects.

Bachelors of Science holders can enroll for different specializations in science subjects. After successful completion of the degree, they can offer their services in science related careers. However, the salary and promotions vary between different jobs.

As we all know, science is identified as a systematized body of knowledge. It is based on principles rather than hypothetical findings, unlike arts subjects. In fact, it is associated with scientific research and approach. For instance, psychology can be pursued both in Science as well as art stream. While in science, you learn the research and development aspects concerned with psychology. You can pursue nursing, computer science, mathematics and engineering to earn a bachelors degree in science.

What makes students pursue a Science degree?

As per the reports of Bureau of Labor Statistics, the jobs requiring bachelors of Science degree will be on a rise until 2016. Nursing graduates obviously are required in great numbers since the population is growing grey. A career in education is expected to grow high during this period. The coming years is going to see a boom in careers that require a science degree like computer analysts, science and math graduates. The growth opportunities are expected to be high, with a salary pay of $40,000 and above annually.

Career opportunities and Growth

Bachelors Of Art

           Bachelors Of Science In Nursing

You can offer your services at a number of organizations. Science graduates who have majored in specific fields can implement their own business ideas as well. For instance, a computer programmer can start his own venture; similarly, an Agriculture graduate can associate with nurseries, centre for agricultural research, green houses and so on. No matter what major is preferred, science graduates are sure to gain a lucrative career.

Bachelors in science holder can rely on his skill, expertise and knowledge while offering services in varied organizations Mostly, these graduates can contribute a lot to the field of research and development activities. Many organizations need persons who have majored in science even if it seems to be an auxiliary function within an organization. Researching on how you can capitalize on your specialty and associating with those institutions requiring your skills prove vital in the development and growth of the career of a Bachelors Of Science graduate.

Basic Rules Of Landing Page Designing

Landing Page Designer

                  Flawless Landing Page

We can see that there are no specific methods or an exact formula to create a flawless landing page. However, there are some general rules that can make your landing page a successful one. Are you an aspiring landing page designer? Then the below mentioned facets will help you get going.


Nowadays, not one of us would prefer to visit a poorly created website. We can say that modern-day website visitors do have a good taste! Gone are the days of websites that lack quality and luster. Recent data points out that the number of website visitors will be more when the design quality of the website is good. For instance, imagine that you are having a website that sells apparels for young girls. It will be nice if the website background is designed in shades of pink. It is because the color will go pretty well with the feminine tone of the website. As a landing page designer, you should always give extra attention to the minute details. This is because even minute details in the landing page can create a huge impact.

Content and call to action

Always make sure that the content on your landing page is perfectly suiting the search preferences of the visitors on your website. If the site is about dog collars, make sure that you are having the content related to dog collars and not dog crates or dog leads. Always remember that all best formats begin with a catchy headline with the proper keyword included. The headline can be followed with an appropriate paragraph that provides the user with the precise information for which they are searching.

Page navigation

Design Quality

           Successful Landing Page Designer

Being a landing page designer, you should make sure that all the landing pages have access to other legal pages. This will show the website visitor that you are always adhering to internet rules and regulations. You have to make the navigation experience for the website visitor smooth and hassle free. Only then, they will enjoy the stay on the landing page of the website and will prefer to visit again. This can be quite easily done with the help of different modern software pieces available to make landing pages. You can use the latest software and provide a smooth navigating experience for all the visitors to your website.

Make sure that you are following all the above-mentioned tips while creating landing pages for your websites. You will become a successful landing page designer if you do things the right way!

Penny Stock Day Trading Tips

Penny Stock Trader

        Penny Stock Day Trading

Contrary to common belief, it’s possible for someone to be a penny stock trader on their own. This requires some research before you start out. Open an online account with a brokerage house. Watch trading for a few months. In the mean time you can do paper trades for the stocks you have researched and find for yourself how you fared. This will not result in any financial loss for you, though it brings in plenty of practice.

The trend of the market can be gauged and you can adapt strategies for getting out into it. Many people take up day trading for fun, or as a hobby. When some money is made they turn to serious action for trading regularly or frequently. Trading in penny stocks can be too risky, because of the low span. Especially so in the present market conditions, where you have an up day and down day back-to-back, for however long. You can take professional advice from the services available.

Set up your environment

A portfolio management tool is provided for free by Yahoo finance. Watch for the alerts using this, and do research. Big charts provide free market charting software. TD Ameritrade provides trading and research.

The charts and execution

Day Trading

     Day Trading Tips For Penny Stocks

Day trading itself is risky, and this is even more so with penny stocks. You can purchase stocks for a penny and sell for a dollar, goes the saying on penny stocks. But that is when you make money on them. You can also get wiped out, just as easily. To buy low, set alerts at Yahoo and wait for the alert. When you get one from Yahoo that your stock has jumped, high you can contact TD Ameritrade for selling. Set up TD Ameritrade for automatic execution of trades.

These are trials you can set up. They may or may not work. The best part in trading with penny stocks though, is that you have to throw in only a little money, with the chance of making big money, or losing the entire amount on a trade.

Many people have made money using the above strategies. Some prefer it over the race track for making money. A Penny stock trader takes calculated risks.

How To Protect Your Mac From Virus Attacks?

Virus protection for Mac

                    Get virus protection for Mac

Virus and spyware attacks are common online and if you do online browsing, you need to worry. No one would dare browse online without proper virus protection. Despite having good virus protection, several computers suffer from virus and spyware attacks. We may definitely get concerned about how computers get infected even after providing virus protection. It is a common fact that majority of the computer users have Windows platform and hence hackers would create malwares that would attack Windows based computers.

Luckily, Mac users suffer less virus or spyware attacks as the operating system is quite strong enough to prevent the threat.  Even hackers normally do not target the Mac users, which are always less in number when compared to Windows users. Mac on the other hand offers strong protection for its platform and due to its security, attacks on Mac operating systems are less.  But, you would definitely spot a few, which would also be spotted by Apple and they see to it that proper software update is released to prevent the intrusion. You can definitely consider virus protection for Mac to keep it protected all the time.

Let us check the instructions that you need to follow to protect your Mac operating system. You can also purchase a virus protection for Mac in order to avoid such risks.


  • You need to do safe browsing online. In order to explore the world of Internet, Mac platform has Safari, Opera and Firefox browsers and all these work perfectly fine and are equally good.
  • If you find any website as an untrusted source, do not download anything from there. You may have noticed that several virus and spyware programs may suggest you to click on links and to download .exe files. Mac would not allow you to run .exe file and hence that will not be a problem. However, you have to stop downloading from untrusted sites or sources.

    good virus protection

      how to acquire virus protection for Mac

  • See that you have a secure internet connection and it would be better not to download any kind of attachments and disabled images. Spam filtering has been enabled in certain email clients like Thunderbird and Mail app.
  • Instant Messaging program need to be filtered and thus you can prevent strangers from contacting you.

These are the different things that you need to take care to keep your Mac safe and also install a virus protection for Mac software to ensure safe browsing.